Because I'm not sure what size units I need, I'm posting here.

Which size Lysholm (Autorotor/Kenen Bell, Whipple) would suit the following two engines:

1) Subaru SVX 3.3 EG33, redline 7200RPM

2) Toyota 4A-GE 20-valve 165hp 9000RPM

I am on the lookout for Lysholms (Lysholm is a type of supercharger, not a brand) for these. I'm looking for as big an increase in power & torque as possible without risking long-term engine unreliability in daily use; occasionally won't be able to resist putting the boot in.

Would a Eunos 800 (Mazda Sentia/Millenium) 3.2 Miller-cycle Lysholm do for the 4A-GE, or might it act as a restrictor instead?

If anyone has a suitable unit for either engine and don't want the Earth for it, please let me know.