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Thread: Do ANY supercharger sellers ever reply to messages?

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    Do ANY supercharger sellers ever reply to messages?

    I have been totally unable to get so much as a peep out of any supercharger dealer, including Opcon and PSE.

    I cannot find out what unit I need for my engine, I cannot get prices... nothing.

    Opcon's Autorotor webpages are totally inaccessible... there are no links for it on Opcon's site, nor any mention of superchargers. Yet I HAVE seen the pages not long ago, but of course can't remember the URL.

    Is there any customer service out there at all?
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    Opcon merged with another company back in 2005. All they do is R&D for Svenska Rotor.

    PSE is a rebuild company. I will not go further to tell you what I truly think of them.

    It sounds like you are searching for available products for a 3.3?

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