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Thread: New guy with new setup What u think

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    New guy with new setup What u think

    How is it going I am new to site thought I would post my setup c what u guys thought any tips tricks suggestions let me know...

    Old school 289
    A-trim (HO kit)
    50hp nitrous (not sure bout using it)
    Efi Cobra intake
    Gt40y heads
    70mm tb
    Cobra rockers
    Custom cam int.542/261 exh.569/273 113.5 lobe separation flat tappet with 5.0ho firing order
    9:1 compression
    73mm c&l maf
    36lb injectors
    Shorty headers, x pipe, magnaflows
    Light weight flywheel
    Spec stage 2 clutch
    Tremec 3550 (pro shifted)
    3.73 gears

    What u guys think let me know

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    welcome to the site,
    looks like some good parts in your selection.
    what year/car is this running in??

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    It's goin in a 95 stang looking at 3200 lbs with driver maybe lighter havnt weighed it since new suspension went in it......all tubular suspension front and rear. drag shocks all the way around coil overs up front and stock type Drag springs out back with bag and weld in sub frames

    Car runs off an A9L tuned by me using quarter horse and binary editor

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