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Thread: Just got everything mounted and started it up!!!

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    Just got everything mounted and started it up!!!

    Im Looking for tps and advice on how to make it run the best. Quick Run down-

    383 SBC

    DUI HEI Ignition with no rev limit- Looking for ideas on a better set up.

    850 Blow Through holley

    A-1000 fuel pump with boost sensing regulator. All feeding through -10 fuel line to and from the tank.

    Started it up and at idel the AF is 12.4, any other info you need kust ask. Again just looking for advice. This is my first SC set up i have ever done.

    a (5).jpg23.jpg

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    that 850 carb seems large for your application;
    was it from a professional shop (carb shop decal) or modified by you or someone else?

    i have a 750 on my 427, they wanted to know cam/engine/heads/intake/trans/gears/altitude to set & jet for me...

    did you install the blow off valve on the tubing prior to the inter-cooler?

    on the distributor/timing i have 18* initial & 34* total.
    this is with a mallory unitlite distributor and coil.

    i did add a msd 6al for the rev limiter and the multispark function
    i do think it starts and idles much nicer now than with the mallory box i removed.

    what do you have the base fuel pressure set at?? mine is set on 5.5-6psi.

    car is looking clean; try to keep it going straight, hammer down
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