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Thread: By Pass Valve

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    By Pass Valve

    Can someone tell me how a ProFlow by pass valve from Procharger works?
    Must I tune something on it?
    When the carb s butterflies are closed, boost escape from the Valve, ok, but how do I know that when at WOT boost isn't also escaping ?

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    bypass functions

    soon as the vacuum drops to "0" when the carb butterflys open @WOT;
    (vacuum holds it open against a spring load=when the vacuum drops to nothing the spring closes the valve...)
    the bypass valve closes and pressurizes the intake/carb hat and starts forcing air into the engine;
    as boost pressure rises the so does the fuel pressure via the pressure compensating regulator...
    i have heard of people doing adjustments/tweaks to change the closing/opening points of the bypass.
    i don't have any input on that though...
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