www.superchargerrebuilds.com has finally made Billet 7075 Aluminum Impellers for the Paxton VR4 Superchargers.

The VR4 is the Paxton's Racing Blower that was based on the SN series blowers.

The VR4 Upgrade can "Double the CFM's & Boost" of an SN series supercharger.

I'm modifying a vintage Paxton VR57 Supercharger, originally used on the F-Code Factory Supercharged '57 Fords, to use a VR4 Impeller.

You can contact them at sales@superchargerrebuilds.com to order a VR4 Impeller and have the rear housing Modification done.

This VR4 conversion can make a vintage SN type supercharger double the Boost and Output.