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Thread: Bypass question

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    Bypass question

    I've got an older TS-3000 blower on my 94 Lightning, basically it's a 1.5L. Anyways, when I crank up my belt speed via a larger crank pulley, it'll shoot my serpentine belt off the front of the alt. pulley. I think my problem is I don't have a bypass. I was wondering if anyone has rigged up their own bypass? Would I be better off sending it out to k/b? Could a homemade bypass be an external dump? I'm running speed density still with an eec-tuner. Thanks- Brian

    ps. I got the first kenne-bell question posted here:D
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    I know there are a bunch of guys that made their own. Someone will chime in here I'm sure.
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    Lack of a bypass won't cause your belt to fly off. I had a 1500 at 12# of boost with no bypass and never had a problem. Maybe your tensioner is going bad or there is an alignment problem.

    The bypass on a KB only is open when cruising - under boost it shuts. It's there to divert air before it gets compressed so you can cruise on uncompressed and unheated air. Even if you are not in boost, the KB will heat the air, because it's compressing the air in the blower case.
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