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Thread: impeller seal question

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    impeller seal question

    well i was getting a little oil past the impeller seal so i decided to tear my p600b down and give it an overhaul. i was surprised how good of shape the bearings and gears were. the impeller bearings look to be quality usa made but the input shaft is just taiwanese bearings. oh well, they're still solid.

    my question is what kind of seal did they use on the imp. shaft and where can you get one? i can't find any numbers on the seal.
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    From what I've read, you're screwed there. I believe it's a special seal made just for the Procharger and you can only get it from them. If you do a search on this site, you'll see the subject of P600 rebuilds a few times. One guy worked for a bearing distributor and sused out all the bearing sizes and the front seal, but could not locate the impeller seal. Sorry, dude! I think you're gonna have to send it in...
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