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    Test :violent: :machine: :freaks::animal:
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    '86 GT: Vortech V2 SQ S-Trim, AFM Power Pipe, Seris III PMS, Pro-M 80 AFM N/A cal, Edelbrock Performer RPM, E7s, Stock Cam, 1.6 RRs, 75mm TB, 42# injectors, No FMU, GSS340 255lph, MAC 1-5/8" LTs, 2.5" H-pipe, 2-ch. Flowmasters, 3.73s, Auburn Pro, Strange 9" axles with 9" axle ends, J&M adj LCAs, Crane HI-6R, 3G 130amp alt., & Need a WB!

    Future Mods: TFS TW Fast as Cast Heads, AFM B-31 Cam, & Snow Performance Meth Kit

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