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    Classified Section Rules

    These are the new rules which will govern the sale of items on (heretofore referred to as "the Forum").

    1. Commercial Sales

    Supporting vendors have the privilege of using the Forum to market and promote their goods and services.

    Forum members are welcome to sell a supercharger, supercharger kit, or supercharger related part(s) they purchased for their own personal use. Anything else will be considered a commercial sale and will be deleted.

    Only supporting vendors can post Group Purchase threads.

    2. Best Offers and Gauging Interest

    The Forum will permit "OBO" or "serious offers" in a sale thread where a price has been stipulated.

    The Forum will not permit postings where no price is stated and asks for open offers. Low ball offers that are clearly ridiculous in nature, will be considered a violation of Classified Section Rule 8 pertaining to "Interference In A Classified Section Thread".

    Members are not permitted to "gauge interest," in their item for sale thread. Such threads will create an eBay type auction and this is not the place for it. Sellers must create their thread with an asking price included in their original post.

    Only Forum vendors are permitted to gauge interest in their products.

    NOTE: Supporting vendors may sometimes offer items at prices that are below those recommended by manufacturers (MSRP), so they are permitted to post threads without a price and to ask potential buyers to contact them by phone or PM for the price.

    3. Purchasing an Item For Sale

    Posting an interest in a sale thread, or asking questions, does not subject the thread to being closed, nor, to the item being sold. An item will be consider sold when the seller says it is based on the simplicity of the sale.

    The seller will determine whom they want to sell their item/product to based on the expediency of payment, payment method, location, and overall ease of transaction. While some may feel that the first to commit to purchase in the thread is the only fair way to deal with the sale, it may not be for the seller. If another buyer lives nearby and can save the trouble of shipping, etc... the seller has the right to move on to that buyer. Let's remember, it is the seller's item/product for sale.

    This will eliminate the confusion of "dibs," replies to a thread, PM's, e-mail and telephone promotions/discussions.

    When the seller's price is met, no higher offers can be accepted. If a seller negotiates a higher price with a member who did not win the item at his/her original asking price, the seller and offering member will subject their account to a permanent block.

    4. No Hijacking

    Only replies related to the thread can be posted. For example, if there exists a for sale thread and you have the same item for sale, start your own thread.

    5. Lack of Profile Information

    Based on the fact that a sale on the Forum is a private transaction between members, the lack of profile information on the part of the seller, will not cause a thread to be closed. If a member feels comfortable dealing with another, that's all that matters.

    The Forum nor it's representative(s) assume any responsibility for transactions conducted on the Forum, and therefore will not act the role of mediator, negotiator, or enforcer of any sale.

    These are private transactions, and the Forum's role is that of a facilitator to help members sell and buy items from one another.

    6. Interference In a Classified Section Thread

    If you don’t like the price or item being offered in a for sale thread, take it to e-mail or PMs. Better still, just move on to a thread that is offering something you like at an agreeable price.

    If you post a criticism of the price or quality of the item being offered, you will be in violation of Forum rules and subject to sanctions.

    If you post your own for sale items to the for sale thread started by someone else, you also are in violation of Forum rules. Start your own thread, rather than jumping into the thread of someone else.

    If your contribution to a for sale thread does not advance the sale, you are in the way.

    If you spot inappropriate posts to a for sale thread, please alert a moderator or site administrator(s).

    Recommendations To Aid Your Sale

    Use "WTB", "WTT", and "F/S" in the Thread Title

    It's extremely helpful to start your thread title with either "F/S" (For Sale), "WTB" (Want To Buy), or "WTT" (Want To Trade) to indicate whether your thread is a For Sale thread, Want To Trade thread, or a Want To Buy thread.

    Complete Your Member Profile Information

    It is strongly encouraged that members complete their member profiles, specifically their respective location. By including a location, you demonstrate a level of trust and honesty by letting people know where you are.

    To complete your member profile, login to your SCH member account then click on "UserCP" in the menu bar along the top of the forum page (just below the site logo). Click on "Edit Your Details" on the left hand side of your screen. Scroll down and enter your location, then click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the page.

    Use [State]/[Province]/[Country] Abbreviations in Thread Title

    Consider including your state/province/country in your thread title to help buyers determine their proximity to you (eg. F/S - Paxton Novi 1000 kit for 86-91 Mustang [MI], or F/S - MSD 6BMT Ignition Box [CA]).

    Large and/or expensive to ship items may prove easier to sell to local buyers who may be more willing to pick-up, saving the need to pack and ship.

    Pictures of Your Item(s) are Highly Encouraged

    As the old saying goes: "a picture is worth a thousand words", so posting a photo or two will go a long way in promoting your sale. Additionally, for those looking to buy or looking to trade something specific, posting a photo will also help towards generating interest.

    Include Shipping & Handling Charges

    If possible, state how and from where you will be shipping your item and how much you will charge. Most shipping companies will furnish an estimate based on dimensions of the box, the weight, origin and destination.

    If your item is for pick-up only, clearly state that fact in your thread, and consider completing your profile information (see above recommendation "Complete Your Member Profile Information").

    Be Specific And Accurate in Your Description(s)

    Know your parts for sale before listing them in a thread. Your research and knowledge will help the buyer in making a decision to purchase and will ultimately make for a quicker, smoother sale.

    Only One Thread Per Sale

    If you created a post and it has moved onto the second or third page of the Classified Section listings, you can simply post a reply containing the letters "TTT" (which stands for "To The Top") rather than create a new thread. This will move your thread to the top of the classified section listing and improve it's visibility.

    Note: Abuse of "TTT" or smilies or any other means of keeping your thread at/near the top of the classified section will result in it being closed.

    Parting Out

    Parting out your supercharger, supercharger kit, automobile or automotive related item is permitted. The seller should create his/her thread furnishing the pertinent information on the supercharger and the general categories (head unit, pulleys, etc...) of parts for sale.

    The forum understands the difficulty in listing each part individually, therefore, members will be permitted to ask the seller for a specific part in the thread.

    When an item sells, the seller is asked to update the original posting of the thread to keep potential buyers informed as to what is still available without having to ask the question in the thread.

    Once An Item Is Sold

    Sellers are asked to post in the thread that their item has sold, and to send a PM (private message) to a section Moderator or to the site Administrator(s) so the thread can be closed. This should be done regardless of whether the item was sold through the Forum or through another site/media.

    The Forum does not assume any responsibility for transactions conducted on the forum, and therefore will not act the role of mediator, negotiator, or enforcer of any sale.

    These are private transactions, and as such the Forum's role is that of a facilitator in helping its members buy and sell items to and from one another.
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