I recently switched from Nitrous to a Weiand 671 Blower. Right now as a temporary deal I have a single 825cfm race demon on it. The truck in 3rd gear with a load on it will start trying to die when you let out of the gas. I think the problem is that the carb throttle blades are closing too fast and with blower still sucking air it is pulling fuel out of the carb and flooding it. I've talked to Weiand and Kuhl and they basically have said it just won't work with a single carb, however talking to Hampton and others they say it should work. Just wondering if anyone is running a single carb or has experienced this problem. Like I said it is temporary and I allready have two 850cfm Holley chokeless race carbs, so my other question is does anyone have any advise on where to start jetting, using power valves or block offs on the dual carb setup?